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132 year-old Winchester found in desert.

132 year-old Winchester rifle found in Nevada desert.

Archaeologists working in National Parklands in the Nevada desert have stumbled across a 132 year-old Winchester rifle.

The rifle, which records show was manufactured and shipped by the gun maker in 1882, had been leaning against the Juniper tree in the desert sun for so long that the stock had cracked open.

More than 700,000 Winchester Model 1873 rifles were manufactured by the company between 1873 and 1916.

It became known as the “gun that won the West”.

The antique Winchester rifle will be conserved by experts to keep it from deteriorating any further and put on display, but will not be restored.

The remote, rugged area where the rifle was found was used mainly for mining and ranching at the time the rifle was sold.

It’s estimated that the rifle may have been untouched for over 100 years.

Article: Reuters


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